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Chapter Finances and Fundraising

October 15, 2014 11:16 PM | Teresa (Administrator)

Dear Chapter Members and Penn State Fans,

I’m writing to you concerning a very important matter concerning the chapter’s finances and fundraising.

Our chapter’s primary financial philanthropic focus is an annual scholarship for a local student attending Penn State and a donation to the Nashville Sexual Assault Center. Last year you helped raise enough money to provide $1,000 to each of those causes. To fund our efforts the chapter typically holds a variety of sales and fundraisers throughout the year – the largest contributor is the half-time fundraiser at our football viewing parties. I believe the half-time prize drawing is one of our most popular chapter activities.

This week the chapter Board became aware that past half-time fundraisers may not have been consistent with state law. Basically the prize drawing could be interpreted to be a “game of chance” and subject the chapter to harsh penalties. Knowing this, and fulfilling our fiduciary duty to our members, the Board has decided to rethink the manner we operate the prize drawing. 

Here’s the plan for this weekend’s Michigan game (10/11 @ 6pm CT): every Penn State fan will be given a single door-prize ticket at no cost; at half-time we will draw some tickets; winners can claim a door prize from the stage. Most of this will be very similar to past prize drawings. As you can probably decipher there are costs incurred to buy the door prizes and this method raises no money for our philanthropic programs. Accounting majors may call this a net loss. The chapter will not be able to function long at a net loss.

So...to continue our philanthropic efforts the chapter needs more of your VOLUNTARY financial support. Our chapter is a recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization so any additional money you give to the chapter could be tax deductible. At all future football viewing and holiday parties there will be a “donation bucket” near the store merchandise. I’ll ask you to drop in whatever you can be it a few dollars, the amount you use to spend on prize tickets, or a big check payable to the chapter. If you would like a receipt for your taxes we have those too.  You can also support the chapter by clicking a link on our webpage.

On Tuesday (10/14) your Board will be meeting to review the Michigan game finances and discuss future fundraising plans. Please know that we will be trying to find a way to maintain the half-time prize drawing but obviously can not continue if there is a net loss every week. I’ll let you know what the future plans are in the OSU game email.

As always, if you have questions or constructive comments please contact me directly. For The Glory!

Paul B. Anderson ‘87
Middle Tennessee Chapter
Penn State Alumni Association

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